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Night Vision™+

4.5 ( 9165 ratings )
Утіліти Розваги
Розробник: KILNAM JANG
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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true night vision functionality.

Dont wait! Get Night Vision On iPhone/iPod Now!
The most impressive Night Vision application on the market!

**Create dramatic night vision style images and film footage on your iPod Touch/iPhone with Modern Night Vision.
The App store’s number one night vision app has just got better and now features…**

Use the camera on your iPhone/iPod/iPad to experience how it looks in night vision mode.
See things that you haven’t thought were possible in the night.
What happens when the lights turn off?
Well, find out and check it in your back yard

► Multiple Mode Night Vision
► High Quality Binocular
► Get "Ultimate Night Vision" right now and youll learn how easy it is to use the applications megafunctionality:
► Taking pictures;
► Several types of image display;
► A 100% visibility in conditions of absolute darkness!